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Welcome to the All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. Join the guys as they discuss everyday annoyances & topics we can all relate to. With hilarious comedy segments that take us to some pretty strange places. 

The All Seeing Guys, taking an already upside down world & turning it sideways.   

May 9, 2017

Welcome to episode 51 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast, Greg & Joe go back to basics this week after passing our 50th episode milestone & letting Harry Bone loose on the show last episode. This week we give an update on the feedback from the Flat Earthers (Flatties) regarding our previous Flat Earth episode, we talk Greg popping up in the recent music video from The Lounge Kittens, ask who would you bang out of Siegfried & Roy? We give a 2017 update on new internet crazes & look at London's Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement, The Warriors gets the w*nkerty w*nk treatment & much more madness.