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Welcome to the All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. Join the guys as they discuss everyday annoyances & topics we can all relate to. With hilarious comedy segments that take us to some pretty strange places. 

The All Seeing Guys, taking an already upside down world & turning it sideways.   

Nov 17, 2015

This episode we talk 'Sport', but in true All Seeing Guys fashion! join us as we relive football at school break time! (if you went to school with us then you may well get a mention on this one), Greg talks about his awkward meeting with ex Chelsea player 'Steve Clarke'. Learn about low key sports such as Clog clobbing, Dwarf throwing, The wankathon, & hairy back growing! Joes corner reopens previous tales of 'Tree fucking' & 'Creepy clowns in vans', and of course our unwanted agony aunt advice! This week we end with the amazing local heroes 'Anonymous Tip'! We give podlove to 'The L.A.B podcast' & 'Caution, Wet Floors'. This will be the last episode until our Christmas Special in Mid December! then we'll back in full force!