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Welcome to the All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. Join the guys as they discuss everyday annoyances & topics we can all relate to. With hilarious comedy segments that take us to some pretty strange places. 

The All Seeing Guys, taking an already upside down world & turning it sideways.   

Feb 9, 2021

Welcome to episode 146 The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. We catch up on recent events, snow, work, and life.

The guys get a little sentimental about the podcast, reflecting on how thanks to the show the last six years of our lives have been recorded, the highs, the lows, love and loss, and of course the last year of madness. It also keeps a record of things we may not want to have to face like.... another Mouse update!

Greg updates Joe on Ian Beales big exit from Eastenders and then we move onto Geezedropping where all this weeks 'geezedrops' were sent in by you, the listeners, and the term ‘Dick Appointment’ becomes an instant hit!

The guys even take a stab at discussing the huge Gamestop stock market event and feel smart for a fleeting moment before wrapping up with a story about a robber who was apprehended by a blow job till the police arrive.

All this and more!