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Welcome to the All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. Join the guys as they discuss everyday annoyances & topics we can all relate to. With hilarious comedy segments that take us to some pretty strange places. 

The All Seeing Guys, taking an already upside down world & turning it sideways.   

Sep 17, 2019

After we released a bonus episode of our Geezedropping segment you greedy listeners requested a W*nkerty W*nk one, well, your wish is my command. Here is a bonus episode of our W*nkerty W*nks to date. From the segments first appearance in 2016 on episode 17 all the way up to episode 111. You can hear how the segment evolved to what it is now.

For those unaware, Wankerty Wank is where we take a story, movie monologue or a song, remove keywords and replace them at random with results from Porn MD live, which gives us a live feed of peoples porn searches. It's amazing to just watch, so much funny and crazy sh*t comes up. 

We hope you enjoy and please do send us any requests you would like to see receive the W*nkerty W*nk treatment.